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Experimental rock duo latest release teeters between brilliance and intolerable obscurity.

It is always great when an album takes you on a journey. As firm believers in the concept album and judging an album by its entirety, we welcome an experience when listening. Sometimes this journey is pleasant and leaves us with that warm and fuzzy feeling, other times we are left breathless, as if we have been punched in the guts. While “Antinomie” certainly falls into the latter category, we find ourselves intrigued and we want to get hit again.

Much like how it is difficult to define Susurrus Station’s genre or sound, it’s nearly impossible to review this album track by track.

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Ways To Go

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~ Zouaves ! ~

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~~~Zouaves at the Spare Room~~~

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~~~ Play the Fool ~ Remix ~~~

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~Antinomie in Artist Xite~

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Image“Antinomie” is the fourth album by Susurrus Station. It is an eclectic and experimental mix of indie rock and electronic music with a vast array of snippets from various styles and genres. Opener “Keep Up Your Spirits” exhibits a strong Liars’ influence, while “Man-Made Hands” is a melange of The Residents weirdness with Liars’ vocals. You get the picture, Susurrus Station is not for the faint of heart – rather, for the quaint of heart. The title track sounds like a cross between Moonface and Air on a bad trip. Susurrus Station’s bizarre soundworlds include folk as well as world music. “Antinomie” is a fine record to delve into and explore … and maybe lose oneself in. It may be exceedingly freakish at times, but never boring. “Hell” is one of the album’s standout tracks.

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~~Alluvia in Boost the Music~~

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…one of the most bizarre offerings you will hear this year. We just happen to think that this is so bizarre that its fantastic – orchestral arrangements, eardrum shattering violin noises, heavily distorted guitars and enough layers to re-tarmac your driveway. We can’t tell you exactly what is being attempted here, but what we can tell you is, it’s an avant-garde theatrical piece that will have you shaking in your boots 20 seconds in.

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Antinomie ~ LP

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Leicester Bangs

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Susurrus Station – Antinomie(AIO Records)
In follow up to 2009’s “Add a Day Going West” Portland’s Susurrus Station release “Antinomie” (on Vinyl and MP3 download). For this outing their numbers have expanded – from the previous core of a multi-instrumentalist duo – to eight and like its predecessor the tone remains downbeat, gothic, desperate and is strewn with invention and African rhythms.

The deep and depressed opener, “(Assume the Worst and) Keep Up Your Spirits” buzzes with Congotronics. From there on Susurrus Station’s experimental bent takes some unusual turns and curious directions, where spaced-out bon-tempi keys can make way for semi-mythical tales of hellish femme fatales, accompanied by splintered tack piano (“Antinomie”). An opening clockwork pattern can feed into richly strung passages (“The Harmonist”) or a stifled hip-hop backbeat can tiptoe around whispered and wonky vocal harmonies (“Man Made Hands”). Further in, “Hell” and “Every Other Color Gold” have a cool percussiveness and an aged and dusty production that recalls Portishead’s “Dummy”.

Susurrus Station leads a fantastic excursion into the underbelly and cold conscious underbelly of the modern mid-west. – Willsk

Leicester Bangs


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Något annat som inte är helt självklart är bandet Susurrus Stations musik. Det är en rätt vild blandning av elekroniska ljud, stråkar, coola rytmer och gnissliga elgitarrer som landar någonstans i det experimentella facket. Stockholmsduon har nyligen släppt sin nya låt “Alluvia”, en singel som är riktigt häftig. Förutom den småvilda instrumentationen så har man också lyckats bygga en snygg, minimalistisk meldoi som passar in perfekt i det bångstyriga arrangemanget. Så, även om jag är några timmar sen, här är veckans än så länge anonmyma akt med en riktigt bra låt: