Night Mechanic’s “Working late” in the Mercury

Night Mechanic’s second album Working Late is due out April 1st!

This is what Ned at the Mercury thinks of it:

First up is a killer track from the amazing new Night Mechanic album, Working Late. It’s the Portland band’s second album although it’s the first one I’ve heard. This band has it all: Knotty dueling guitars, heat-seeking pop chops, a singing drummer! I had a rough time picking a track from Working Late to post, as the whole album is terrific, but here’s track 3, the fantastic “Attempt to Steal.” The nasal vocal in the opening verse reminds me of a late-’70s/early ’80s-era band I can’t put my finger on (someone help me out here?), and the song slowly builds in intensity to a terrific chorus. Except to hear more about Night Mechanic in the coming weeks, including, hopefully, details of an album release show. Working Late comes out April 1 on AIO Soundings.

~ by AIO Soundings on March 24, 2013.

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