~ Antinomie ~ Reviewed in Aiding and Abetting ~ March issue ~

“Experimental, but not exactly electronic. These folks noodle around a variety of sounds, and while there do seem to be a few programmed elements, most of this seems to exist in the analog realm.

And that’s about the only rational realm Susurrus Station inhabits. Oh, these songs have a few nice grooves and some really intriguing tangential lines, but there’s really nothing to grasp here. These songs circle around a vast nothingness. That lack of center is rather effective in creating a strong sense of ennui.

Not toward the music, which is constantly challenging. But rather, a decided ambivalence toward life as it actually exists. The world Susurrus Station inhabits is one that relies on few of the physical laws of our universe. But it’s one that I’d like to whirl around for a while.

Few bands can transport so completely as these folks. I don’t have any idea how this album tripped its way into our relatively static universe, but I’m sure glad I got a taste.”

-Jon Worley,  Aiding and Abetting

~ by AIO Soundings on March 7, 2012.

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