Night Mechanic

In the middle of cranking out new material in AIO studios, the lost, disavowed and half forgotten debut from Night Mechanic has resurfaced.  Found hidden in the spare tire of Dre Coberly’s abandoned car after he was brought in for questioning by local entertainment authorities, along with the bones of several extinct animals, it took pulling teeth, smashing nails, wrecking knees, bruising heads, dislocating jaws, and being dangled over a cliff out the window on a perilous mountain road to convince him and the other founding member, Val, to revisit their past, if only to be forgotten the next morning—by them anyway.  Night Mechanic was recorded at Jackpot and the infamous Color Lab by Matthew Morgan with their strangely original lineup, and the result, with more of the budget probably spent on beer than tape, is a rough hewn lyrical pop masterpiece. ~

~ by AIO Soundings on March 16, 2011.

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