DC ~ losing today

a bit on Dead Cinema in LOSING TODAY:

‘Again another of those stumbled across by accident moments, Portland based Dead Cinema appear to be an agreeable collective charged with keeping alive a hitherto timeless melodic memory by way of an exquisitely honed attention to a detail found only on sun scorched dust caked vintage song sheets from a forgotten yesteryear. Trading an artistry delicately dimpled in all manner of sepia trimmings that’s possessed of a homely retro glow they navigate a crookedly spectral wood crafted path that veers sweetly between the drifting moonshine swigging campfire carolling (’normal love’) and a noir folk tendered vaudeville (as on the arpeggio dressed nocturnal shanty ’the most dangerous star’ – which I should say at this point will find itself appealing to admirers of Doomed Bird of Providence). For us though pick of the bunch is the parting ’the great outdoors’ – a bruised ballad of utterly crushing dimensions, both stately and darkly seductive not to say touched with an eerie ghost like elegance peppered sweetly by the sensitive tread of timid piano braid and the investiture of becalming string swathes – bit of a sly gem all told.’



~ by AIO Soundings on November 30, 2010.

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